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Applying for consideration with a disability

If you were not accommodated for all or part of high school, previous diploma or degree program, or believe there are extenuating circumstances—such as that the accommodations you received were inappropriate—that negatively impacted your grades, you may be eligible for consideration on this basis. We expect the marks for students with disabilities who received disability-related accommodations in high school or during a previous degree or diploma program will accurately reflect their academic ability.

Please note: If you are offered admission to Ontario Tech University and you will require academic accommodations, please complete the Intake and Registration process with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Applying for consideration on the basis of a disability does not automatically register you with SAS. 

Important deadlines

  • If you are applying to the Faculty of Education, your application for consideration on the basis of a disability and supporting documentation must be received by December 8 of the application year.
  • For applicants to Early Application Programs (Nursing - Collaborative, Computer Science, Data Science, Medical Laboratory Science, and Nursing - Post-RPN), your application for consideration based on a disability and supporting documentation must be received by February 7 of the application year. 
  • For all other applicants, your application for consideration based on a disability and supporting documentation must be received by March 29 of the application year. 

How to apply

If you meet the minimum published admissions average and program-specific prerequisites for the program you want to enroll in and wish to be considered for admission based on your disability, please submit the following four (4) documents.

Please note: This is not a special program, nor alternate program pathway, but rather a process aimed at removing systematic barriers students with disabilities face through traditional admission pathways. Ontario Tech University is committed to removing these barriers and develop practices that are inclusive for all students. As such, students will not see any indicator on their application package suggesting special consideration.

You must download and save the documents before completing them.

To be completed by the student:

To be completed by the attending healthcare professional:

To be completed by your most recent educational institution:

  • verification of accommodations form indicating whether or not you received disability accommodations (e.g. accommodation plan, IEP, IPRC, etc.). This form must be completed by an authorized professional and can be submitted either directly by the institution or by you.

We will only review your application package once we have received all documentation. If applications are deemed incomplete, a member of the Student Accessibility Services Team will contact you.

How to submit your application

Email all of your documents to with the subject line Admissions Consideration. In the body of your email include your full name, student number and OUAC ID.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Accessibility Services by emailing

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